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Contact Galen Horst at:

2428 Hwy 28E
Palmer Rapids, ON K0J 2E0

Picus Dealers

✓ Indicates a stocking dealer


✓ Frontier Sales & Equipment

Wallenstein, ON
(519) 669-8709

✓ Partner Ag Services

Mount Forest, ON
(519) 323-2405

✓ Knoops Farm Equipment

Embro, ON
(519) 475-4381

Dairy Source

Keene, ON
(705) 295-4752

Conestogo Agri Systems

Alma, ON
(519) 638-3022

Roberts/McGavin Farm Equipment

Chesley (519) 363-3192
Walton (519) 887-6365
Lucknow (519) 529-7995

Snodden Farm Equipment

Sunderland, ON
(705) 357-3579


Agence Mecanique Courtney

Staint-Odilon, QC
(418) 464-4691

Nova scotia

Green Diamond Tractor

Antigonish, NS
(902) 863-5991

Tidal Tractor

Truro, NS
(902) 895-2583

Prince Edward Island

Kensington Ag Services

Kensington, PE
(902) 836-3212


Archway Dairy Solutions

Carmen, MB
(204) 745-3400


Grande Pointe, MB
(204) 381-4655


Cline Agro Services

Ponoka, AB
(403) 783-2355


CNY Farm Supply

Cortland, NY USA
(888) 583-8219

North Star Implement

North Star, OH USA
(419) 582-8053

Price Equipment

Bloomington, WI USA
(608) 994-2401

PLake Henry Implement

Paynesville, MN USA (320) 243-7411


ALB Innovation


A Picus Timeline History

Picus Inc. is a family business, owned by Galen and Patricia Horst. A timeline by Galen follows.

January 2000

I began my own welding business, Whitewater Welding, at Foresters Falls, Ontario. My first major project was building a silage dump wagon. We were soon building all sizes of custom dump boxes and developed the Horstline lineup of dump trailers and more. In addition, we also did local welding and repair jobs.


Patricia and I were married, and we were in business together.

We developed our first blow deck.

We built our first Picus bale choppers. The original Picus self propelled bedding chopper was designed and built in 2005 by Ludwig Bretzler from Bretzler Farms for use on their own dairy farm. They needed a large square bale chopper but because nothing similar was on the market, they built their own. Due to considerable interest in the bale shredder Ludwig worked with us to produce units for sale. Ludwig founded the company, Picus Inc. to market these machines.

We sold the shop and business, with the Horstline product line, to a former employee. We moved to a farm (Providence Homestead) near Palmer Rapids, in the beautiful Madawaska Highlands on the edge of the Ottawa Valley. We started a new business, G Horst Enterprise and built a shop to continue fabricating the DumpDek and Picus brands.
January 2020

We sold the DumpDek brand to my brother Duane Horst.

February 2020
Patricia and I purchased Picus Inc. We are excited to be serving our dealers and customers directly. Our goal is to continue building innovative products, helping farmers build efficient and sustainable businesses. As we succeed together, we aim to serve our families, our communities and our Creator.