Cut Fine.
Save Straw.



4’x5′ Round Bale
or 3’x4′ Square
Self Propelled
4X4 Hydrostatic

Picus SP3x3 Self-Propelled Strawchopper


3’x3′ Big Square
Self Propelled
4X4 Hydrostatic

Picus SPR4 Self-Propelled Straw Chopper


4’x4′ Round Bale
Self Propelled
4X4 Hydrostatic


3’x4′ Square Bale
Self Propelled
4X4 Hydrostatic

Compact Design Great for navigating bale shredder in narrow aisles.

Four Wheel Drive Delivers positive traction in demanding conditions.

Zero Turn Hydrostatic Skid-steer type drive for manoeuvring in tight spaces.

Fine Chopping 1″ knife spacing produces a fine cut for maximum absorption, more bedding from one bale and better compatibility with liquid manure handling equipment.

Optional Dust Suppression System Sprays a water mist into the discharge eliminating much of the dust caused by chopping straw. If engaged the mist automatically starts when the straw exits the discharge.

Finger Tip Control Chopping can be instantly started/stopped while driving via a switch on one of the drive handles.

Economical Bedding Solution Utilize large square or round bales vs. labour-intensive small square bales or expensive wood shavings.

All Hydraulic Drive Reduces maintenance and is durable in dirty, demanding conditions.

Solid and Durable All welded tubular frame and heavy gauge steel construction.

High Grade Knives last longer and are independently replaceable.

Multiple Hydraulic Pump for efficient hydraulic operation.

Ease of Maintenance Extreme service air cleaner, easy accessible filters, minimal electrical, engine accessible for easy cleaning and service.

SP3x3 SPR4 SPR5 SP3x4
Bale Type 3' x 3' Square 4' x 4' Round
3' x 3' Square
4' x 5' Round
3' x 4' Square
3' x 4' Square
Engine 35hp Kohler, V Twin, Electric Start
Ideal Size 6' Long 44-48" diameter, 48" max 48-56" diameter, 60" max 6' Long
Tub Diameter 50" 52" 64" 66"
Knives 75 bolt on sections 81 bolt on sections 99 bolt on sections 99 bolt on sections
Knife Spacing 1" Centre
Discharge Height 15-21"
Overall Length 2250lb 2490lb 2500lb 2700lb
Width 55" 58" 72" 72"
Height 72" 71" 71" 80"
Tire Size 20.5 x 8 x 10